About Us

Unique Furniture Enterprises is owned and operated by Mr. Julian Marcellin. Over 25 years of woodworking experience have given Mr. Marcellin the technical expertise and creative vision that is evident in every piece of furniture that comes from his 40x60 ft studio located at Monchy, ¼ of Gros Islet.

Mr. Marcellin studied woodworking while at secondary school and his passion and dedication for the craft propelled him into it as a full time occupation immediately after he left school in 1979. He apprenticed from 1979 until 1983 during which time he quickly became the one practically running the establishment. He decided in January of 1983 that he should end his apprenticeship and pursue the establishment of his own workshop.

The endeavor was however short lived, as Mr. Marcellin befell a major tragedy in October of 1984 which nearly brought to an end his woodworking and his life. Mr. Marcellin was able to survive the tragedy, but he did not recover unscathed. He lost his right arm and temporarily stopped pursuing woodworking. This period too was to be short lived, as Mr. Marcellin, reinvigorated and renewed in his sense of spirituality and creativity, he resumed his production of furniture; and shortly after registered the business name he still uses today.

Mr. Marcellin currently has one individual employed with him (Nickson Wilson) and plans to expand his operations and overall production output in the near future. This too is in keeping with one of our corporate goals which is to create gainful employment for members of society. Our Mission is to expand regionally and eventually globally, so as to fulfill our corporate mission statement- “To manufacture wooden furniture of outstanding so as to captivate the taste of the beholder.”
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